Club Minutes 11-13-2012

Present: Paul,Bruce,Gary,Melvin,and Boyde

- Melvin gave the treasury report: Paid for the club web site server yearly fee (about $110). Club has in its account $1052.69


Repeater Update:
- Repeater is now running two Kenwood transceivers. One as a receiver and the other as the transmitter.
- Bought a battery booster/regulator for the batteries supply. The buster inputs the battery voltage and outputs 14 vdc.
- bought a second deep cycle battery.
- added an RF power amplifier. lowered the transmitter power to 5 watts to the amp. Output is now about 15-17 watts.
- Readjust repeater audio levels.
- More work to be done.
- Paul will call electrician to state the process to get AC power for the repeater site. He will fund the AC power until the club can afford to pay the bill.

- Field Day: Club was 2nd in state for 2A and 8th (out of 20 clubs) in the Delta Division.

- Insurance for the tower and repeater equipment is now ready to submit. Paul will mail the information and funds fot the coverage.


- I ( Bruce) ask how Paul Kadair was doing. Paul says that he might still be having medical trouble.

- January meeting the club dues are due and club elections will be held.

- Melvin asked about the club pamphlet for advertisements. paulsays we are going forward with the pamphlet.

Paul  made up a list of members to check if everything is correct and to okay the information there will be made public. The information will be placed on the web site and on the pamphlet.

- Boyd asked how to find the club on the web. Paul mentioned that the club is not on the ARRL (Mississippi ARRL) list of clubs he says we will be there soon.

- A conversation about having a Christmas dinner on Dec 11 ( the night of the meeting).
We voted to have one pending we have enough attending. Paul will send email to the membership asking who will attend. the thought it that the membership will cook food to bring to the party/dinner. Paul said he will invite some guest to the meal if the club does have the meal.

The meeting adjoined at 8:10 PM